Systematic approach for reinvention

Digital transformation involves complexity, so fail probability of implementation is not low. Best practice shows that achieving the full targeted value requires a carefully coordinated approach across the following phases:

Shape your digital ambition, strategy, and business case

In discover phase, we participate with our clients to develop a clear view and to identify the sources of new values as the basis for a clear business strategy. To identify threats and opportunities, especially short- and long-term digital opportunities, we work with clients to scan the digital prospective of their business, industry, and customer-behavior, determine new real business opportunities to be pursued, and characteristics that create successful digital businesses.

Also, we provide our clients assessment of the digital capabilities of competitors and their probable threats to the client and whole market. We identify to our clients how innovations in functions such as marketing, sales, supply chain, operation, and ICT can create value to the organization.

According to results of the analysis, we help our clients address their strategic ambition and determine their choices regarding adjusting the existing business or innovating new business model, or entering new market, or mix of multi choices. Then, we participate with our clients to assess their own digital capabilities and resources compared to those required for post-transformation to determine the gap.

Create and prototype breakthrough experiences

We work with our clients to reimagine the future of their organizations and industries if digital capabilities are been enabled and utilized. Accordingly, we help our clients to align their structure, processes, and operations with needs of future company where level of automation and digitization is increasing which will reshape their products and services.

Implementing digital ambition is not an easy task. So, best practices show that more effective approach is to focusing on the most important customer journeys, then work back from there to design and develop breakthrough customer experiences. Also, it is recommended to use iteration approach by rapidly build prototypes, translating concepts into minimum viable products to test and iterate in the market before scaling.

Embracing rapid delivery approach, agile IT, and DevOps (integrated development and operations teams), and continuous delivery enable the organization to develop, test, and deploy software quickly to consumers and end users.

The organization should focus on enablers that emphasis cross-functional collaboration, rapid decision making, and iterative development. Also, evaluating digital performance and providing incentive structures to drive the right behaviors, mind-sets and outcomes become critical.

Solution Selection

Converting digital transformation strategy, its business and action plans and then executing those plans need wide navigation in varieties of technical & digital solutions and deep understanding to precise differences between those solutions. We provide clients with the support they need to navigate, evaluate, and select the most appropriate digital solution and the comprehensive proper chain of digital ecosystems which satisfy their requirements based on efficient concepts such as usage-based fees, XaaS, system integrations…etc.

We help our clients to assess the capabilities and potential risks linked to relevant available solutions in the market. The process enables our clients to use clear criteria helps them to realize short list of integrated robust solutions and then select the more qualified options which are aligned with their digital transformation strategy.

Finally we help our clients to build the right partnership with the selected solution providers to get effective ecosystem chain.