Enterprise Content Management (ECM)

Smart Enterprise Content Management (ECM) puts business content to work and allows organizations to realize new value. ECM helps organization transform the way it performs the work by putting business content in motion. So, organization’s team can capture, protect, activate, analyze and engage with content for greater insight and efficient action.

ECM works through a platform represents a shared foundation that delivers transactional and business content to people, processes and devices. The result is improving engagement of employee & customer in today’s digital business.

ECM solutions enable organization manages its content where it is created, where and when it is needed from any device. Deployment can be arranged in the cloud, on-premise, or hybrid to achieve a competitive edge.


We help our clients to identify their needs for ECM, select the right solution, and supervise the implementation of the solution. We support our clients to get the right architecture and integration between ECM solution and other information systems of the organization


Transactional content processing

ECM provides the capability to integrate content into business applications and speed-up building of content based solutions.


Scalability and volume

Content management can be deployed at business unit level or enterprise-wide, locally or globally, high volume and scale.


Content collaboration and sharing

ECM guarantees business content collaboration and sharing where content can be found easily, content access is secured, collaboration and sharing is available anytime, anywhere, on any device for more engagement and productivity.

Organization can share and manage business content in a secure way both inside and outside the organization, from anywhere and across any device.


Document capture and imaging

Exponential growth in business content is resulted from mobile, social and cloud transformation. This generates demands on organizations to effectively capture and manage this unstructured data for competitive advantage.

Wherever both paper and digital documents enter organization, document capture and imaging solutions help capture, store, manage, view and deliver various types of content includes scanners, fax, digital files, and images that come from applications and mobile devices. With digitization of this information, organization can improve productivity and accelerate business processes to enable faster responses to customers.



Create business value

ECM provides possibility to create value from the wealth of information in documents, data, video, audio and social media by analyzing, acting on and archiving content for improved business outcomes.


Information lifecycle governance

Organization can manage business information throughout its lifecycle – from creation to deletion. ECM solutions provide assessment of unstructured data and give organization visibility into data to make informed business decisions. Accordingly, organization can effectively manage the information lifecycle and avoid costs and risks to drive more business value from its data.