Ecosystem Partnerships

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Precursor, as a consulting firm, provides consulting services that cover variety of management and technology areas. The main role of the consultant is to provide recommendations, road map and suggested solutions which achieve the objectives of the project. The role can include supervision of the implementation of those solutions when needed.

Also, to guarantee the consistency between the proposed solution and the implementation phase and to enable the client to focus on his core business, we offer our client, based on his desire, implementation of many of the recommended solutions by ourselves as an implementer. Precursor is a SAP partner and IBM partner.

If the proposed solutions include implementation of specific technical/digital solutions which are not currently provided by Precursor, we offer our client, based on his desire, turn-key solutions include the implementation of those solutions by one or more of our ecosystem partners.

Also, Precursor is proud to work with a strong network of permanent and interim business experts as needed.