Lean IT

For the last years, many organizations brought lean manufacturing concepts and solutions to service industries. It seems that IT is the next beneficial industry for the application of Lean in business. Lean IT has a great potential because it is not capital intensive, and at the same time, has significant impact on IT performance and accordingly business performance.


Organizations heavily reliant on IT resources and, by default, are affected by IT risk.  Level of complexity of IT is increasing which causes greater variability in performance and lower customer satisfaction. Implementing Lean IT is more challengeable because IT operations have two major obstacles; IT work is less repeatable and less directly observable or measurable than traditional manufacturing processes.


To deliver more value to more customers more quickly, deploying Lean principals successfully can participate in achieving important improvement across many dimensions at the same time. Improvements can include productivity, quality, customer experience, employee satisfaction, and work environment.


Lean IT is not just an ordinary performance improvement exercise but a comprehensive transformation program that allows an organization continuously to improve its way of working. Lean IT encompasses all the dimensions that determine the overall effectiveness of an IT organization, not just the processes. The dimensions could include organization and capabilities, mindsets and behaviors, management systems, and operating practices.


We can work closely with our clients to help achieving goals such as improve the productivity of software development and application support teams and to entrench a new performance culture. To ensure that improvement occurs across all IT dimensions, we consider end-to-end view including all relevant IT stakeholders. By applying Lean principals to IT infrastructure, application maintenance and development, improve productivity and less time-to-market can be gained.