Technology Strategy & Architecture

In a world of accelerating change and technology innovation, technology plays a critical role for enabling business strategy and execution. We help our clients by understanding their strategic objectives and business strategies; accordingly we recommend them the right IT & technology strategies that link to strategic objectives and business strategies, and create real business value to the organization. Also, we help our clients to design IT & technology organization and governance approaches to deliver the highest value.

We define the objectives and criteria of IT & technology strategy, and also supporting enablers like processes, organization, and governance.


IT strategy

Based on understanding of the business needs, technology trends, and client’s industry we help to develop an IT strategy that will fit, support, and enable the broader business objectives of the organization. We focus on change the role of IT to deliver high business value and transformation.

We provide our experience to redesign IT functions such as infrastructure, outsourcing relationships, service centers, and application development. Also, special attention is assigned to the capabilities of human resources and relevant skills. Improving time-to-market of technology solutions is another area we take into consideration.


IT organization

Because the proper tailored organization and governance model are prerequisite for implementing a successful IT strategy, so, we provide our support for strategy execution by designing the right models, decision-making processes, KPIs, and incentives systems.

IT architecture

We work with our clients to design and develop the efficient IT & technology architecture and solutions that fit with objectives and strategies. Then we help them to deploy and operationalize the new solutions.

If business strategy includes a business acquisition, merge, or splitting, we provide advice and support for re-designing IT & technology functions and recommend synergy targets.


Diagnosis of IT Strategy, Organization, and Governance

When needed, we provide our clients a diagnosis of their IT perspectives. The diagnosis process may include IT strategy development, IT performance, IT governance performance, budgeting, performance management, and vendor management & assessment.

Also, to increase the business value of IT & technology functions within the organization, we provide recommendations for new architecture, operating models, processes, outsourcing, service management, application and data management.