Right balance

When an organization convinced that operating model does not support any more the strategic objectives, it decides to transform.

Our consultants usually start transformation engagement by converting the strategy into relevant components of operating model such as organizational structure, processes, and technologies should be in place to fulfill the strategy. Also, they scan capabilities should the company have or develop and corporate culture needed to support the strategy. Our consultants identify elements of operating model should be in place to achieve strategic objectives and elements will be subject for change and fixing to be aligned with those objectives.

Finding and building the right balance of strength, agility, and leanness in operating models of clients differs from case to another based on industry, vision, mission, and situation of organization. So, although our approach uses generic guidelines, it targets tailored solution for each case according to its characteristics. Yet our transformation approach is designed to support our clients to build right capabilities and respond to market dynamics quickly.


Building capabilities of our client includes upgrade skills and knowledge of teams to enable them to have excellent expertise and to provide effective processes.

We help our clients to reinvestigate their operating model to be more agile which provide them fast and effective response to market changes. Topics include building customer-centric processes, design fast-response processes, flexibility of workforce, and building supportive culture for innovation.

Also, we support our clients to reach effective cost management by challenging competitiveness of operating costs, balancing right size with operational risk, and enhancing productivity.

Just the right balance of strength, agility, and leanness is defined and translated into operating model, and then support the implementation of the new operating model will be the next step.