Strategic planning is long-range planning that focuses on the organization as a whole; as a total unit. Strategic planning process asks what must be done in the long term; usually defined as three to five years into the future; to attain organizational goals.

Strategic planning is a comprehensive approach and is not “cut corners” process. Also, it encourages innovative strategic thinking within the organization.


We help clients through a strategic planning process to understand where the real uncertainties are, to build a clearer picture of the market, and make more robust decisions.

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Strategy is defined as a broad and general plan developed to reach long-term objectives. Markets and organizations increase in complexity, so determining strategy becomes more challenging.

Organizational strategy, generally, focus on many different organizational areas, such as marketing, finance, production, research and development, and public relations. It gives broad direction to the organization.

Strategy is actually the end result of strategic planning. Every organization, large or small, should have a strategy of some sort. To get worthwhile strategy, it must be consistent with organizational objectives, which, in turn, must be consistent with organizational purpose.