Digital Operations

Dramatic improvements in productivity and efficiency can be achieved by using IT to transform core operations from the back office to the front line; we help clients to achieve that.

Our work falls into two categories:


56699097 - enterprise resource planning erp concept. businessman think about erp business management software for collect, store, manage and interpret business data like customers, hr, production, logistics, financials and marketing.

ERP-enabled global operating models

Failure rate of Enterprise Resources Planning (ERP) projects is still high. Also, many organizations that achieve success, they get partial benefits of ERP value. One main reason for that is managing ERP project as only IT project and ignoring the right alignment with business needs and objectives.

We focus on business-driven approach in ERP implementation to ensure that global operating model that embedded in ERP solution is aligned with current and future business needs of the client.

Usually mostly of ERP projects involve transformation and re-engineering for main business processes and how they are performed within the organization. So, to ensure that structural and process improvement levers take their place and achieve the success, we work and focus on the readiness of human resources of the clients to ensure that they understand, accept, willing to, and capable to deal with new business processes.

We look at ERP project as huge change project, so parallel to the original ERP project, we provide change manage project that working on building orientation and acceptance of the client’s staff for ERP project. Then, building the supportive culture for the new solutions takes place. Also, change management project includes activities to measure the gap of capabilities of client’s teams and how those capabilities will be upgraded.

Gap analysis and design phases are critical for success of ERP project. To speed up the project and insure getting accurate results, whatever the brand of ERP and used methodology, we provide our clients a unique approach merges the two phases in one with using iterations cycle.

Also, we carefully examine and assess the trade-off between standardization and customization at each sub module level. We assign special attention to transit phase and working with client to visit and determine all potential risks and agree to select the efficient scenarios to pass the transit phase safely and smoothly.

We provide our clients the support to achieve stability during post go-live phase by helping them to arrange the proper service level agreements (SLAs) that effectively manage their relationships with providers and partners.

By our comprehensive view, approach, and change-management program of ERP implementation described above, we can help clients to realize and achieve the full benefits of such large-scale IT solutions.

CRM and service operations

We have deep experience in service operations and Customer Relationship Management (CRM). We help our clients transform their service operations and effectively manage their customer’s profiles and relationships.

By mixing our experience in ERP, CRM, and IT automation profiles, we can work closely with our clients to help them achieve significant and sustainable improvements and efficiency.  We focus on areas such as mobile applications for both end consumers and service workforces, integration between back office modules (sales, services, and financial) and front end modules (contact centers and service workforces). Also, maintaining a consolidated and up-to-date customer profile, significantly, helps in achieving high level of customer satisfaction.

Transforming the customer-centric processes to be lean and agile and utilizing the right IT technology presents the effective mix to have quick and significant improvements. We help our clients by providing them tailored mix fits their needs and objectives.