Benefit Management

Precursor works with clients whatever size of their companies. In every case, we deliver quality, custom benefit programs built for flexibility, transparency and cost savings. We support our clients to achieve greater control over spending and benefits, with new possibilities for customization.

No one size fits all, so when you choose to create a custom plan, you gain the advantages of affordability and flexibility, all while providing comprehensive coverage. Our team will help you to review your workforce history and identify the key needs, and then building a plan that puts you in control with variety of options.

We support you to design comprehensive solutions that covers different types of needs whatever the type of sponsor; by the employer or the employee. Let Precursor helps you navigate the challenges, taking care of your needs, reduce the complexity of your benefits program, and provide you the insights you need to drive efficiency and engage your employees.


As a trusted advisor, Precursor enables client to design, deliver and measure a benefits plan strategy that fits the unique needs of the client. Let us help you to make your workforce satisfied about their benefit management and accordingly improve retention rate of your talents.